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9Hole Golf Design is an ethical, transparent and inclusive consultancy service for 9 hole golf clubs seeking improved playability and sustainability because of good governance. 






If your club is seeking to be a better version of itself please be in contact. We can help.​​​​​​




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9Hole Golf Design is a consultancy service for 9 hole golf clubs. This consultancy service is two fold in that it includes:

  • provision of advice on redesign elements of the club's golf course (for improved playability).

  • consulting with golf club committees and its members (governance) on operations matters of the club (sustainability). 

9Hole Golf Design exists to help 9 hole golf club committees provide an improved 9 hole golfing experience for its golfers. This service uses a) case design modelling, and b) provision of course advice through a central in commercial confidence documented approach to communicate and implement things that bring greater value to a golf club.​


9Hole Golf Design is owned and operated by Michael Craw. He was raised on a 9 hole golf course and currently is a member of one. His golf business competency is supported by 20 + years as a business educator in universities in Singapore, the United States, and Australia, and as a golf business practitioner. Experience in peak body golf administration, golf project management, golf rules, and golf advisory roles (like golf club committees) are elements of his background in golf. The mix of these elements has motivated 9Hole Golf Design and who it wants to serve.



Nine hole golf clubs have constrained resources that impact its club operations! As resourcing is a constant variable in its day-to-day operations 9Hole Golf Design's fundamental goal is to identify how to do a lot with a little. Given the goal, a case modelling method of nine essential parts including 1) customer segmentation, 2) revealing a club's value propositions, 3) validating revenue streams, 4) channelling of services to golfers, 5) customer relationships development, 6) key activities, 7) key resources, 8) key partners, and 9) cost structure, produces insight into ways a better version of the golf club can be achieved. Developing new business models and documenting existing ones are the key outputs from this nine part examination of a golf club. Modelling data that well captures a club's long term positive future means good governance can be augmented. (Dollars and cents discussions are NOT part of our consultation service. Money matters are private club business, plain and simple! Our attitude is that if the club's business modelling is well captured, its accuracy will drive dollars and cents generation. Click short video for more information on the nine essential parts. 


Governance, for the purpose of the golf club's membership (the wholesale golfers) and its managing of external clients (greens fee visitors called the retail golfers), is at the core of a club's sustainability and the golf course's playability. Given such, insight into club capability, adaptability, and scalability identifies blue print management models for new business and the validating and documenting of existing ones. 


9Hole Golf Design provides clients with data modelling information to better facilitate day-to-day operations, long term strategic mentoring, and advice about the golf course such as reshaping/ relocating tees and green/s without disrupting competition play. We aim to identify how clubs can do a  lot with a little by:

  • developing modelling data for blue print information ( governance)

  • developing golf course master plans /provide education in golf course design (playability), and

  • working with golf clubs and its community on assessing golf impact matters (sustainability).



If your club wants to discover ways to improve its playability and sustainability, and your club is open to ethical, transparent and inclusive input from 9Hole Golf Design please get in contact to start enjoying our service today.

Our consultation service history suggests that much of what a 9 hole golf club wants to achieve can be explored by informal discussion in the initial meetings phase, which may be enough to achieve a constructive outcome! There are no fees for the initial phase meeting/s. That said, if the club decides it wants to dive deeper into its playability and sustainability matters post our initial phase meeting/s, then we'd welcome the chance to consult for your club. Please call or email 0415 722 658 or to get started.



How does the 9Hole Golf Design (9HGD) consultation work?

3 Phases (initiation)

2 x Stages (maximum effort)

1 x Outcome (enterprise) 

Phase 1: REACH OUT - your club makes contact with 9HGD.


Phase 2: : EXCHANGE - we have a conversation or exchange a written communication, with a view to arranging a time and date to meet (by phone or video).


Phase 3: SCOPING - we as a group speak about playability and sustainability. The conversation identifies the scope of things; which reveals whether there's need to continue to Stage 1 (or not). Please note that there have been occasions where a club seeks advice on micro management issues. Solutions have been identified which means there's no further need of 9HGD. Such a filtering process is a good thing, so please do not hesitate to call if your club seeks input to assembling opinion on a matter of playability or sustainability no matter how 'micro' it may seem. NO OBLIGATION/ NO FEES in the 3 PHASES.


Stage 1: IGNITION/ 9HGD SITE VISIT: a one day site visit at your club includes a business modelling workshop, and a course walk & talk. The day's conversation agenda is guided by the SCOPING meeting's output/s.



NOTE: Typically the site visit takes a full day (up to 8 hours). There is a fee assessed for the visit. The fee is represented by 2 expense items for the club including:

a) 500 dollars (GST incl)  consultation fee, and

b) reimbursement for reasonable travel costs for one 9HGD person.

Usually the entire cost for the site visit ranges from 500 dollars to approximately 1200 dollars dependent on distance from the Gold Coast, Queensland, and length of stay.


The club is invoiced post the 9GHD Stage 1 visit. Travel receipts are provided to the club for its accounting purposes.


Stage 2: NEXT STEPS: planning and implementation activities may occur according to the club wishes. 


OUTCOME: Build enterprise through things like business case modelling, master planning, and alignment of governance; because such activities better positions a golf club with future playability and sustainability.


Interestingly, the 9HGD consulting experience usually reveal expertise, equipment, and skill sets, from within the club and its surrounding community. This type of community moves your club forward together. Where necessary, documentation of the site visit is sent to the club inside of a week from the site visit.

FURTHER SUPPORT: On request, 9HGD will connect your club with eminent golf personnel to guide the club on special design matters like drone footage, arborist advice, soils & testing, bunkers design/ redesign, utilisation of stilling ponds, course drainage, and grass seeding techniques. Financial arrangements for specialised services is made is between your club and the design personnel. (9HGD will  introduce club representatives to specialists providers and then we step away. 9HGD referrals are done so at no cost to the club.) This consultation method works well. If you need more information please reach out to Mike 0415722658


Read What 9Hole Golf Design Clients Are Saying

Tamborine Mountain Golf Club.


We've been working with Mike from 9Hole Golf Design to develop a master plan for the club's course,  and discussing ways our club can make business improvements. The consultation  has been comprehensive. An enjoyable series of in- confidence conversations and a site visit has helped the club to confidently discuss and document ideas and proposals for the clubs considered view. Perhaps the best thing has been to witness how the inclusiveness impacts our club's  attitude to change. We have taken ownership of this process which is great because the elected committee feels more confident in its ability to manage for the club's betterment. 

Committee - Mount Tamborine Golf Club. Queensland.

New Norfolk Golf Club. 


Our golf club decided it needed a new green for the 4th hole. Because the 4th hole is our 'clubhouse view feature hole' the club believed there was scope to move the green to a more showcase location: line of sight safety was a key factor in the green's location. We engaged Mike to undertake the plenary process of the new green's location, design, development, and the build.  He worked in close consultation with our committee, and at our request was hands on with our course superintendent until play on the green began. The green was built for under 12k including design, shaping, irrigation and drainage, seed, fertiliser, agryl cover to accelerate grass strike, tools and machinery, soil & base materials, and consulting fees. The total cost to the club was well under other quotes because we used expertise in the club.... expertise we did not know existed until going through the consultation's scoping and site visit phases.

We were playing competition fields on the green in three months. Play was not disrupted during the green's construction. The green  is an illustration showcase of golfer play from the clubhouse view, and is in a safer location in terms of line of sight from the tee shot on the next hole. The hole is fun to play.

Committee - New Norfolk Golf Club. Tasmania.

Golf Preserve Pty. Ltd.

North Carolina, USA

Mike project managed the Development Application process for the Seven Mile Beach Golf Course. He worked with myriad investment teams, course designers, town planners, council personnel, all forms of media, state government decision makers, lawyers, inclusively engaging community members, and other key stakeholders over many years to secure approval of the DA.

This project was very complicated. To the best of our knowledge this development approval is the first of its kind because of its complexed mix of crown land use, local council zoning rules & its governance procedures, and state government legislation. Mike's knowledge of golf, his business acumen and his passion for doing something good to support a small island community's future has presented access to a great opportunity for the Golf Preserve Pty Ltd.


Seven Mile Beach will be one of the best public venues in all of golf. It aims to open for play in mid 2024.

Golf Preserve Pty Ltd.
Charlotte, North Carolina.
Hobart, Tasmania. 

9Hole Golf Design Experience and Credentials 

The experience and credentials of 9Hole Golf Design is a "broad church" of focus, beliefs, and insight that we believe will help nine hole golf clubs with their playability and sustainability. To describe by topic and definition...


Early days in learning about golf: playing a 9 hole course (beginnings of understanding the issues 9 hole golf clubs face)

Advancing in golf: gained golf focus from lived experience as a competitor and administrating golf in a range of intrastate, interstate, and international events and other activities

Golf participation: currently playing golf as a member at a nine hole club (strong and authentic comprehension and belief of the role 9 hole courses have on a community)

Worked in golf: worked for Australia's peak golf body Australian Golf Union (now Golf Australia), which brought great insight into motivating 9Hole Golf Design

Studied golf things: As a business academic with qualifications at the Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. levels in Marketing and Management, lots of reading and research study is entered into

Educating in golf optimism over the lifetime: trained educator, accredited school teacher, and successful coach

Professes golf business things: in universities and other venues located in Singapore, United States, and Australia

Networked to eminent golf people: access to advocates that have much to share if willing to engage 

Project managed, research, and consulted in golf things: significant experience with golf populations seeking to be a better version of themselves

Passion for improving 9 hole golf experiences: possesses a sincere interest in supporting golf clubs becoming a better version of themselves​.

Because of all of the above, 9Hole Golf Design exists to help improve the 9 hole golf club's governance, playability and sustainability

Parallel Lines

CONTACT 9Hole Golf Design

Mike's Mobile: 0415 722 658

Video calls: ZOOM on request.

 The Business Model Canvas (BMC).     
The BMC is the modelling template used to guide a golf   club's future playability and sustainability.
     Watch time - 2.20 minutes.

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